Diverse Worship Music

Our liturgical selections reflect both our inclusiveness and our scriptural readings. We have a traditional organ and a small choir, but we supplement them on occasion with other types of instruments. Our music director and choirmaster may choose the sacred music of J. S. Bach or Duke Ellington or works in between and beyond. Overall, parish members strongly endorse the diverse music in our worship, calling it “excellent, inspiring, and comforting.” Many have mentioned how well we incorporate traditional and modern music, as well as both familiar and unfamiliar hymns. Our parish is blessed by having several fine musicians and trained singers, often including our deacons, seminarians, and priests. We have appreciated our previous priests’ willingness to sing the anthems along with the choir and to experiment with musical versions of The Lord’s Prayer or The Creed.

At Church of Our Saviour, we sing plainsong and gospel songs, and we pray Canterbury’s prayers and the prayers of our parishioners—and of New Zealanders, Canadians, and Kenyans. We nevertheless acknowledge that we all have different tastes in the music, ceremony, art, and forms of prayer we use in worshiping together. We ask for feedback often, so that our flexibility may be considerate of each others’ needs and preferences. This flexibility also reflects our theological view that God moves through history, through our life together as a parish within our larger diocese, and through Christians of other denominations and cultures. In communal worship, God lives with us individually, meeting our needs as we help each other.


Our small but enthusiastic choir of women and men make a joyful noise each Sunday with their lovely voices. They don’t robe, except on highly festive occasions, and intersperse themselves among the congregation during the service. They usually gather once during the service for the anthem. The repertory includes a variety of traditional and contemporary hymns. Choir practice is 9 am on Sundays. Talk to our Music Director if you are interested in joining.