Mission & Vision

Church of Our Saviour, with families and individuals from many cultures, backgrounds, orientations, and beliefs, is a joyful community that extends its welcome to all. First built by parishioners to serve the immigrant population of East Arlington, Church of Our Saviour began and continues in a tradition of strong lay leadership and service.

Theologically and liturgically progressive, but grounded in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, we embrace diversity boldly as we seek continued spiritual growth and evolving revelation of God’s call to our community. We offer safety to those marginalized by society or situation; a contemplative environment for those who need to grieve, to heal, or to be nourished; and encouragement and guidance for those discerning their spiritual path and seeking a spiritual home. We seek ecumenical interactions, as well as partnerships with public, private, and Episcopal organizations as a means of embodying our commitment to social justice. Though small, Church of Our Saviour is a beacon of hope and a resource for many.

We view our church as an open circle where all are included as equals. We express this spirit in our creative liturgy and worship, which is shared in the round.

We use language that is inclusive and respectful of all people. We encourage the artist in each of us, incorporating the skills and gifts of all, and creating beauty that ranges from the handcrafted circular altar, banners, and other works of art in our sanctuary, to our dramatic and musical offerings.

We seek beauty in all things, and strive to be cheerful doers of God’s work at all times, in all places, and in all actions.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Introduces the Episcopal Church

Our Mission

As a progressive community of faith, we are called to welcome all seeking a safe spiritual home in which to learn and grow. We gather in a circle to worship the living God and share in a creative and inclusive Eucharistic liturgy, to experience peace and healing, and to renew our strength and purpose. We are called to use our many gifts to reach out in compassion to those in need and to work for justice.

Our Vision

The Church of Our Saviour will be known as an inclusive Christian community that welcomes all to a place of peace, refuge, healing, and spiritual growth. Our worship will be firmly grounded in theology and liturgy that are progressive yet based in Episcopal tradition. Clergy and laity will build a community of worship where people of all ages who seek a deeper knowledge of God may learn and grow together—through vibrant and innovative programs, a tradition of strong preaching, and ongoing Christian formation that offers rich opportunities for spiritual exploration. In serving the greater community and the world through ministries that will bring positive change, we strive for justice for all.

Guided by our mission, we will seek growth through:

  • Reaching out with compassion to children and families in need, both in our town and beyond
  • Expanding formation opportunities for people of all ages, especially for youth
  • Extending our welcome to newcomers who seek a diverse community of faith
  • Making what we offer known in the world by using creative, current means of communication
  • Integrating focused local and international outreach projects into the life of the congregation