Annual Meeting January 28, 2024

Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28 during the 10am Eucharist.  If you have never signed the membership book and would like to officially become a member, please contact Malia as soon as possible so we can make it possible for you to vote!




will be held on Sunday January 28, 2024 at 10 A.M. during the serving of Holy Eucharist. The meeting will be run from the church, 21 Marathon St., Arlington, but members have the option to participate by Zoom. Please email Jesse Norris at to receive the Zoom link for the meeting.

We ask members who wish to vote while participating by Zoom to please make every effort to email the completed proxy form to by Thursday January 25 to help us process them easily, although proxy forms will still be accepted until 10 am on Sunday, Jan. 28. Forms submitted between Friday January 26 and the morning of Sunday January 28 should be emailed to or hand-delivered to the church.

It will be held for the purpose of:

  1. Electing two Co-Wardens, a Treasurer, and a Clerk for one-year terms
  1. Electing members of the Vestry for various terms and an alternate who will serve a one-year term
  1. Electing 2 delegates to Diocesan Convention to serve one-year terms
  1. Electing deanery representatives
  1. Electing representatives to Episcopal City Mission
  1. Electing a parish historian
  1. Presentation of the 2024 budget
  1. Transacting any other business as may properly come before the meeting.

By order of the Vestry,
Karen Sandman, Clerk

Nominations Slate for 2024

Officers (one year terms to end at Annual Meeting 2025):
Co-Warden: Karen Sandman
Co-Warden: Margaret Kohler
Treasurer: Kevin Ward
Clerk: Sara Young

Vestry members (end of term shown):
Diana Potter (2025)
Ted Ts’o (2025) 
Porter White (2026)
Allen Whitaker (2026)
Chuck Provancher (2027)
Becca Gerner (2027)

Diocesan convention Delegates:
Kate Schell (2025)
Suzanne Bremer (2025)

Diocesan Convention Alternate
Liz Kit (2025)

Deanery Delegates:
Ted Ts’o (2025)

Episcopal City Mission Representative
Suzanne Bremer (2025)

Parish Historian
Ginger Webb (2025)

Submitted by Margaret Kohler, Allen Whitaker, Ginger Webb, and Malia Crawford, Nominating Committee for the year 2023