Book Group Opportunity

Some of you may be familiar with Julia Cameron’s best-selling book, The Artist’s Way, a creative take on the self-help book that introduced many people to the daily pages (write every day, even if you think you have nothing to say) and the artist’s date (take time out for yourself, to experience things that inspire you), among other ideas. Cameron has also written Seeking Wisdom, A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection (2022), a six-week Artists’ Way program with a spiritual focus. In it, she talks about different kinds of prayer practice, of finding an image for God that really resonates for you, and using the daily pages for spiritual development.

Would you like to gather, probably online for six weeks starting in mid-January 2023, to follow this book, do some of the exercises, and talk about our experiences? If so, please contact our Director of Christian Formation, Fiona Vidal White. Exact days and dates to be determined by the group.