A pastoral letter from the bishops

Dear Friends of Our Saviour,
I urge all of you to read this important pastoral letter from our bishops.
Since the #MeToo movement began, many more people have had the courage to name the sexual abuse and harrasment they have experienced, and to have the perpetrators held accountable.  We cannot be so naive as to think that the Episcopal Church has been immune, and I have the greatest respect for all those within the wider church who have already begun bringing the truth to light regarding their own experience.
Perhaps one of you reading this letter has survived, or knows someone who has survived sexual abuse, misconduct, or harrassment perpetrated by an Episcopal clergy person.  At the end of the bishops’ letter are options for next steps you may take.  I, of course, am here to support you and walk with you as needed.  You are welcome to call me at 508-207-6936, and contact the diocesan intake officers as needed.
May the fire of the Holy Spirit shine upon the truth, and burn away all that is soul-damaging so that what is life-giving may flourish.
Yours in Christ,