Employment Opportunities

Director of Music

September 12, 2019

Church of Our Saviour is a small, vibrant Episcopal church with about 40-50 people on a Sunday. Socially, theologically and liturgically progressive, our 10 a.m. Rite II Eucharist draws not only on the Episcopal 1982 hymnal, but also on all other collections published by the Episcopal church in the last 25 years, and also music from the Iona community and many other sources. Our monthly intergenerational service and other special services include music that is appropriate for all ages to sing together. We use both piano and organ for worship, sometimes have a cantor, and encourage the participation of musicians in the community, young and old.

The people of Church of Our Saviour are open to new ideas. There is a great deal of creativity in the parish, expressed in the visual arts, science, singing, and playing a variety of musical instruments. Diversity in the congregation is valued, and there are a number of LGBT, interfaith, and multiracial households. Faith is rich and real.

We are searching for a Director of Music qualified to lead and choose music of varying styles and able to work with musicians of varying abilities, so that our worship reflects the diversity, spirituality, and creativity of our community.

Compensation is dependent on education and experience level of the successful applicant. The ideal candidate will be flexible, able to direct a small, strong choir (3-7 persons on a given Sunday), and interested in planning music collaboratively with the Rector and Director of Christian Formation, both of whom are active singers outside the parish. Knowledge of Episcopal liturgy and music would be helpful.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to rev.maliacrawford@gmail.com.

The Director of Music provides the following services and abides by the following duties and responsibilities:

1)        The Director is responsible for planning and implementing the church’s music program, directly accountable to and under the supervision of the Rector of the Parish in accord with the canons of The Episcopal Church.

2)        The Director provides piano, organ, or other suitable instrumental music for the regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship services for the twelve-month calendar year. The Director also provides for special services during the calendar year, including, but not necessarily limited to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Great Vigil of Easter, and any other special services as agreed upon by the Rector and the Director.

3)        The Director supervises and directs a service choir, soloists, or instrumentalists to provide music at the regular Sunday morning worship service and at other special services, as appropriate and agreed upon by the Rector and the Director. Such choir, soloists, or instrumentalists offer music from the Sunday after Labor Day through mid-June. On Sundays from mid-June through Labor Day, the Director shall ensure a continuing program of music and shall encourage soloists, ensembles, or instrumentalists as available and appropriate to participate in Sunday morning services in lieu of a choir.

4)        As appropriate and available, the Director provides opportunities for soloists, instrumentalists, ensemble players, singers, and people of all ages to participate in the music program and, therefore, encourages use of the talent from within the congregation’s membership. As necessary, the Director is available to accompany such supplemental musicians. The Director also has discretion within the available music budget and with approval of the Rector to employ professional or semi-professional musicians for special occasions.

5)        In collaboration with the Rector (and for intergenerational services, the Director of Christian Formation), the Director of Music selects hymns, responses, canticles, and other music for use during weekly services; all selections, however, are subject to the final approval of the Rector.

6)        The Director oversees the condition and maintenance of all musical instruments owned or employed by the parish and has authority to enter into contracts and other service obligations to meet such ends, provided all such contracts and obligations comply with the available resources budgeted for such purposes.

7)        The Director has primary responsibility for the selection and ordering of new or supplemental choral and instrumental music and shall enter into contracts and obligations to such ends, provided all such contracts and obligations comply with the available resources budgeted for such purposes.

8)        When on vacation or otherwise absent, the Director shall arrange for appropriate substitute musicians unless other suitable arrangements have been made and approved in consultation with the Rector.

9)        The Director meets regularly with the Rector and the Liturgy Committee to plan liturgy and worship.

10)      The Director plays for weddings and funerals as needed or finds a substitute as needed. (Weddings and funerals are paid for by the families and provide additional compensation.)

Vacation Days and Sick Days are by contract, generally 4 vacation Sundays in each year and 2 Sick Days.

Average Contract Hours (in church, performing, or rehearsing): 3 hours per week, generally one Sunday morning choir rehearsal and the Sunday service.

Average estimated hours per week for planning, preparation, and practicing (excludes hours for home practice): 7 hours

Total average hours estimated for the position: 10-12 hours per week.