Ash Wednesday 2022

On Mar. 2, Ash Wednesday, we will have two services:

  • During the 5:30 pm in-person-only intergenerational Eucharist, children will get to hide the Alleluia banner somewhere in our sanctuary and hear Fiona tell a story. 
  • The 7:30 pm service will follow the service in the Book of Common Prayer and includes a sermon. Attend via in-person or by Zoom; it may also be streamed to YouTube.

At both services, we’ll offer ashes for those who want to receive them. Following diocesan COVID-19 guidelines, you’ll have the choice of taking a bag of ashes and marking the foreheads of those in your household or having Malia apply ashes to your forehead(s) with a single-use Q-tip.

If you plan to worship from home, remember that you can pick up ashes at the church or have us send them to you.

Even before COVID, our sanctuary was not overly full on Ash Wednesday, so feel free to invite someone to come to church with you.