Fall Adult Education: Aspects of Grief

Virtual meetings 11:30 am on Sun., Oct. 17 and Nov. 14

It is now commonplace, after 18 months, that COVID-19 is both a virus that can kill and also the cause of so much more psychological suffering, such as inequality, job loss, and family conflict. We tend to associate grief primarily with death but maybe not so much with these other losses, and in our Western society, even grieving the dead is not considered to be something for which we should interrupt our daily lives. And yet we know more than ever that unresolved grief can lead to depression, addiction,and isolation.

What is the purpose of grief? What is good grieving? How can we help ourselves, and those around us, to live with and heal from their grief? In the remaining two sessions, our Christian Ed director, Fiona, hopes to open up some of these questions and invites you into a conversation, so that we can become a little more comfortable with grief as a healthy and important part of life. 

Grief – Fr. Grever “to burden”  Lat. gravis “Heavy”