Climate Emergency Webinars

Join the Diocese of Eastern MA’s Creation Care Justice Network and the Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of the Diocese of Western MA for Climate Emergency webinars each Wednesday night in May. 

Each session will take place from 7-8:15 p.m. and include presentations, small group time, and resources.

May 5 “Pray”: What is our prayer and spiritual grounding in the midst of the climate crisis? We’ll consider new and ancient forms of prayer and spiritual resources to renew our strength.

May 12 “Learn”:  What is the emergency and what is our faith response? How is climate change–its causes and its solutions–connected to other areas of injustice, including racism, economic inequality, and gender bias?

May 19 “Act”: What can we DO on a local level to address the climate emergency? What next action steps do we feel led to take?

May 26 “Advocate:”  Why and how people of faith can act politically to create systemic, comprehensive changes on local, state, and national levels? What is it like to move from the sidelines and get involved in public advocacy?

There is no cost to join. To participate in the Zoom sessions, you must register ahead using this form.