Church of Our Saviour

21 Marathon Street | Arlington, Massachusetts | 781-648-5962

New keys for Church of Our Saviour

This Fall we will be changing the keys for the exterior doors of Church of Our Saviour. It’s been a long time since the last time we’ve re-keyed the church, and there are many keys still in the hands of former renters, parishioners, and other users of our space. So in order to help promote better security and safety, the vestry has decided that it is time to re-key the door locks!

Since many people need access to CoS, we collect key requests for at least six weeks. During that time, people who need access should fill out this electronic web form.   We will also make paper forms available at the church.   We will then distribute the keys to those people whose requests are approved, and per the Vestry’s decision, we will collect a $20 key deposit at that time.  The deposit will be refunded when you no longer need the key and it is returned to the parish office. Finally, once all the people who need to have access to the church have received the new keys, we will change the locks and let you know that you should start using your key.

If you have any questions, please contact Theodore Ts’o at