Church of Our Saviour

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Photo Albums

A blessed dog
A blessing from afar
St. Francis altar decorations - side 1
St. Francis altar decorations - side 2
Altar decorations & their maker
Golden retriever
Puppets processing
Black dog resting
A blessed cat

Audiovisual Policy

At Church of Our Saviour, engaging with one another and with our surrounding communities is important to us. As we participate in activities that encourage such connections, it is common for photos or the occasional video to be taken. Posting pictures and videos in our publications and social media sites provides joy for our parish and invites others in. It is, however, equally important to us to honor the privacy of parishioners of all ages.

We ask that you fill out this audiovisual permissions form for each child in your household who attend events at Our Saviour. We will not include images of people under 18 without permission of their parent(s)/legal guardian(s). Our default is to allow images of adults in our publications. We also ask adults who do not want their likeness used to fill out a form for themselves. You may change your choice at any time by contacting the parish administrator at