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“Do You Really Believe That?” A Faith & Science Gathering

Oct. 13-15, University Lutheran Church, Harvard Square
What does it mean to say you “believe” in something? Is “believing” in science comparable to belief in God? What role do uncertainty and healthy skepticism play in each system, and what happens when they brush up against core values and truth claims?

Join the Lutheran Episcopal Ministry at MIT for great conversation, creative exploration, and meaningful worship, Oct. 13–15. The Rev. Dr. Lucas Mix will help us navigate these questions. Dr. Mix studies science and religion, focusing on the meaning of “life” in biology and theology. An Episcopalian priest , he also has a doctorate in evolutionary biology (Harvard, 2004) and a sixth-degree black belt in Hapkido, the Korean martial art of balance taking. He and NASA astrobiology have worked for 20 years on interdisciplinary communication in the search for life beyond Earth and serves as an officer in the Society of Ordained Scientists.


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