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Reflections of Your Rector

A number of years ago, I was on guided week long retreat.  I must have seemed very serious because my spiritual director insisted that I use my next block of prayer time to play.

“Play?  What am I supposed to play?”

My spiritual director sighed.  This case of serious-itis was worse than she realized.

“Whatever you like! Go have some fun.  Here—blow some bubbles if you can’t think of anything else.”

Off I went with my bubbles.  Slowly, my inner 5-year-old started to emerge.  Why not take off my sandals? Why not scamper over rocks and blow bubbles by the ocean?  Beautiful clouds of iridescent globes floated over the waves.  And then, as I drew the wand from the pink plastic bottle, the wind started blowing bubbles back at me.  I remembered that the Greek word for spirit (as in Holy Spirit) can also mean “wind” or “breath.” It seemed like the Holy Spirit had come to blow bubbles with me, to play with me, to be with me through play.

As the mother of a toddler, I am learning to play all over again.  I am learning to play cars for the first time and remembering how I liked to play as a child.  And it’s fun.

In my prayers for all of you, I’ve been asking God to help us play and laugh and be silly together.  I see how hard you work to take care of your families and your job responsibilities and your church ministries . . . and I want you to have some fun too!

I invite you to imagine some fun things we could do together . . . ice cream Sundaes with gummy worms and other silly toppings? Playing with our favorite childhood toys during coffee hour?  A picnic?

I invite you to have some fun this summer.  When we return to our 10 a.m. worship on September 8, we’ll invite people to place an object by the altar to give thanks the gift of play, rest, and adventure. So keep your eyes peeled for a special seashell.  Or bring that knitting project you’re taking on vacation.  Or the mindless summer book you won’t be able to put down.

May God bless you with joy, creativity, and playtime this summer.

Yours in Christ,


P.S.—I want to give a shout-out of thanks to all of you who quietly care for fellow parishioners in their times of need.  Thank you for visiting parishioners who can’t physically come to church.  Thank you for your phone calls. Thank you for bringing meals.  And if you ever find yourself in a rough place, contact me or our deacon, Sue Fisher Seeger.  We also have a group of parishioners ready to pray for you: You can also email prayers requests to


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