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Reflections of Your Rector

What an exciting fall this has been!  Autumn began with an instructed Eucharist and a blessing for students and educators returning to school.  We welcomed our deacon, the Rev. Sue Fisher Seeger, and our new Sunday School Coordinator, Megan Shepherd.  St. Francis showed up at Town Day (thanks to COS parishioners and a giant costume), and we let dozens and dozens of neighbors know about our parish.  Despite the rain, we had a huge turnout at our St. Francis service.  New people are checking COS out, and we are getting ready to start an Adult Education program about the Episcopal Church called Meet, Eat, and Learn.  (It starts Oct 21. Please RSVP!)

There is so much life here, and we have exciting dreams for our future.  We hope to start a monthly worship service for babies, toddlers, and their families.  The stucco on the outside and inside of the church is being repaired, which will give us the opportunity to paint the church and offer a fresh welcome to our neighbors.  By fixing up space to create a welcoming nursery and hiring a nursery care provider, we will offer parents of young children an hour of freedom to focus on their own spiritual needs at the 10am service.  We look forward to offering new adult formation opportunities in 2013.

We have an exciting vision for welcoming and growing two generations of Christians—both children and adults.  But for it to become a reality, we need you.  These dreams will require financial investments, as well as investments of time and treasure.

Being part of a Christian community has blessed me in the most unexpected ways. After Divinity School, I decided to face my fears about asking for money by taking a job in the Stewardship office at Trinity Church in Copley Square.  Quite a few people told me stories of times when they took a risk by sharing a little more generously then they normally did.  Initially, some were worried they wouldn’t have enough left to take care of their families but found that they actually did.  Again and again, they concluded with stories of how their trust in God increased.

This fall, I invite you to pray about how God has blessed you by being part of a Christian community.  I know that I am grateful to have a rich storehouse of biblical stories to share with Isaiah.  I am grateful to give him a faith language to make meaning of this complex and often confusing world.  And I am grateful that our faith offers him a counternarrative of hope in a world filled with despair.  I long for other children to receive these blessings.  And I long for other adults . . . and you . . . to find blessings in an ever-deepening relationship with God.

Yours in Christ,



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