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Signs of the Risen Christ

Last month, I encouraged you to look out for signs of the risen Christ during the season of Easter. This month, I want to tell you some of the amazing recent experiences I’ve had of the risen Christ.

First, I received the good news that a deacon, The Rev. Sue Fisher Seeger, is going to be assigned to serve at Church of Our Saviour! For a while, I’ve thought that Church of Our Saviour might benefit greatly from the ministry of a deacon. I didn’t expect, though, that we’d be able to have a deacon so quickly.

A deacon’s ministry is distinct from that of priests, lay people, and bishops. As stated in the Discernment Guide for the Diocese of Massachusetts, deacons are called:
—”To be bold community agents who make their Christian faith visible where work
—To interpret ‘the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world’ to the Church (BCP, p. 543)
—To serve as catalysts and guides for baptized people engaged in the outreach work of the Church;and
—To assist bishops and priests in proclaiming the Gospel and administering the sacraments”

Sue Fisher Seeger was ordained in 2006 and does pastoral care at Spaulding Rehab Hospital. She lives in North Cambridge, within walking distance of Church of Our Saviour. A cradle Episcopalian, she is wrapping up her ministry at St. John’s in Charlestown. We expect she will begin her ministry at Church of Our Saviour sometime this summer.

Second, I had an amazing week at my CREDO conference in April. At CREDO conferences, participants engage in a thorough examination of their lives, including health, finances, spirituality, and vocation. In one exercise, we were asked to think of our vocation as a pie chart. That pie chart included our church ministry, of course, but we were also asked to think about other
things God wants us to attend to. These include caring for our relationships with family and friends, nurturing our inner life and our relationship with God, and taking time for things we enjoy like hobbies.

At CREDO I realized I need to work on taking better care of myself. Since coming home, I have begun carving out additional time to care for my inner life. I feel Christ breathing new life and creativity into me, and I know that this will also bless you in positive ways.

My CREDO conference also made me wonder how all of you are doing. I see you working so hard, and juggling so many responsibilities. Are you taking care of yourselves? Do you know that God loves you, regardless of what you accomplish or produce? When was the last time you did something that was just plain fun? Maybe you could brainstorm a list of 10 items that you love doing, and pick a few to do this summer.

Third, I see Christ breathing new energy and creativity into the life of this congregation. In the months to come, your vestry is going to be thinking strategically about helping our parish grow disciples, grow in financial strength, and grow in overall vitality. Last night we kicked off the discussion with this question: “Why does Christ need disciples in Arlington?” Several people said that we have a powerful, life-giving counter narrative to offer a hurting world. The world says your identity is wrapped up in your job title. Christ says your identity is based in being God’s beloved child. The world says your net-worth is measured in dollars. Christ says you are priceless in God’s eyes. The world says you are only as important as your last accomplishment. Christ says that you have been liberated from having to justify your existence, and thus are freed to live a new life.

In the month to come, I hope you will ask Christ to show you why he is excited to have disciples in Arlington. And I pray that you will also know how delighted Christ is to have you as his friend and disciple.

Yours in Christ,



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