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Easter Reflections

Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

In scripture, the risen Christ is somewhat mysterious. In some ways, he is like he was prior to his death. He still carries the scars of the crucifixion. He eats and drinks with his friends. Mary Magdalene recognizes him when he calls her by name. But in other ways, Jesus is quite different from what he was before. Even his old friends have trouble recognizing him. At first, Mary Magdalene
thinks he’s a gardener. Others don’t recognize him until they’re breaking bread together. Then suddenly Jesus is gone.

Following the First Easter, there were sightings of the risen Christ. And in the centuries since the Ascension, there have been countless experiences of the risen Christ. Perhaps you have had some yourself.

Sometimes, I think that looking for the risen Christ is a little like bird watching. There are almost always birds around. But we don’t always notice them. Have you ever gazed out at a body of water, and had a stranger point out a blue heron? It’s surprisingly easy to miss a giant blue bird in plain sight. Imagine how much more we might see if we were really looking for it!

This Easter season, I encourage you to look out for signs of the risen Christ. Perhaps you might tell us what you’ve noticed by writing a short article in the next issue of Loaves and Fishes.

I’ve noticed the risen Christ stirring in the hearts of new people coming (or returning!) to Church of Our Saviour. Getting out of the house to come to church isn’t easy, and I’m always inspired to hear how God is drawing people to come and see. Ted C., Joan, and I have created a packet for folks who are exploring this faith community. These packets include a booklet called “Getting Involved Beyond Sunday Worship.” It lists a short description of ministries at COS, the point people, and how to contact them. We’ve also drafted a sheet entitled, Claiming this church as your spiritual home. You’ll find these red welcome folders near the front door of the church. Think of these packets as version 1.0. We hope you’ll take a look and offer feedback that will help us improve them.

I’ve been noticing Christ breathing new life and energy into this community. On March 28, we had a meeting to follow-up on the vestry retreat. Over the month of March, five groups met: our liturgy committee, a new community/lay pastoral care team, an adult formation group, a communications team, and an outreach ministry group. These groups were charged with identifying one or two things they would love to accomplish by the end of 2012 that would offer spiritual food to our community and beyond. We also gave ourselves permission to let go of things we’ve done in the past in order to make space for what we wanted to do in the future.

On March 28, each group presented their ideas. Then, we each signed up for projects that we were personally willing to make happen. They range from creating a series of mini-pilgrimages to local spiritual sights, to further ministry with the people of Haiti, to developing a concise way of communicating who we are. Each group is planning to fill out a sheet with a short description of the new ministry, who the point people are, and how to contact them. They will be posting these sheets to the orange bulletin board in the parish hall. Stay tuned!

Yours in Christ,



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