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Lenten Reflections

In his Lenten meditation book, A Season for the Spirit, Martin Smith writes about a certain spring of healing water, which was a place of pilgrimage for English pilgrims in the Middle Ages. While accounts described its general location, no one had been able to find the spring for centuries. During the Edwardian period, an expedition set out to find it, but was unsuccessful.

As a young man, Martin Smith decided to look for it himself with a spade in hand. He noticed a group of cows eating green grass in a
muddy part of a field. Could that be the spot? He started digging, and soon unearthed an ancient wooden pipe. For centuries, this water had been flowing, unseen. As I reflected on this image, I imagined modern day pilgrims flocking to this place of healing water, now that the pipe was finally uncovered and visible.

At our vestry retreat, we paired up on Saturday morning, and talked about what we love doing. The energy in the room started to rise, and it felt like living water was springing up within us. And we expressed our deep longings, we talked about wanting to be a community where people could come and receive deep spiritual nourishment.

Are we being called to be a place with springs of healing water?

At our vestry retreat, I felt like we hit a source of living water. It was always there, but we had tapped into it in a new way.

A new question began to emerge for me: how do we channel this living water, so people can come and drink? We need a way to channel the water, otherwise it will go this way and that, and dissipate. If we want people to be able to come and drink, we need to build (or unearth) the pipe, and we need to let people know it’s there.

At the vestry retreat, we broke up into different ministry areas, and the following people agreed to be the point-person for each ministry:

Outreach: Ginger (for now)
Communications: Jim, Mark N., Pam, Chris
Adult Formation: Susan
Newcomers: Ted C.
Pastoral care: Debra Rose
Deeper Knowing of each other: Jane
Liturgy: Michele

Each group is planning to meet sometime in March to talk about 1 (or at most 2) goals that they would like to accomplish this year. What are the criteria? They should help move COS to being a place where people can experience deep spiritual feeding. They should be achievable by the end of 2012. And most of all, they should be about what we LOVE doing, not what we think we SHOULD be doing.

Please get in touch with one of the above point people if you are interested in any of these areas of our life together.

We will return as a vestry for a follow-up meeting on Wednesday, March 28 at 7:30pm. This will be a time to talk together about the goals each group came up with, and coordinate so that we can space our projects out over the course of the year. Anyone is welcome
to attend this (or any) vestry meeting.

Yours in Christ,



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