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Chronic Care Community Corps Seminar

Caring for an elder or a person with a long-term illness or disability

Are you caring for an elder or a person with a long-term illness or disability? Would you or someone you know like knowledge and support in that demanding ministry of presence?

Chronic Care Community Corps (4C) believes that communities can serve a vital role in supporting family members who are caring for elder loved ones with chronic or life-threatening illness. Whether you are a caregiver yourself or supporting others, these seminars provide you with skills and important information. No one should be alone on this caregiving journey. Ned Rimer from St. James’ Church, Arlington heads up 4C and is coordinating our seminar.

4C trains and mobilizes people in the community to support their friends, co-workers, or others who are caring for older adults with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Once trained, Corps members are able to offer more meaningful support, as defined by the caregiver, through listening, inquiry, perspective taking,  goal setting, and resource identification … 4C seminars equip participants with tools, strategies, and information to proactively support the caregivers they know. Seminar participants are trained to listen carefully and to practice their inquiry skills rather than simply offering advice. This helps participants learn to better understand the challenges facing a caregiver and identify strategies and resources helpful to his or her unique situation.

Cost for the three-Monday seminar (Nov. 7, 14, and 21) is minimal: $50.  You pay it forward to others who will benefit from this seminar in future.

Learn more at Scholarships may be available from the diocese if there is a need.


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