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COS Book Club Forming!

Gail and I just finished reading Exile by Richard North Patterson, a novel that incorporates details about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as the history of both nations. We were so impressed that it inspired us to start a book club.

The main character is David Wolfe, a man whose life is approaching an exhilarating peak: he is a successful San Francisco lawyer, soon to be married, and preparing for a run for Congress. But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif, the Palestinian woman with whom he had a secret affair in law school, he begins a completely unexpected journey. After the Israeli prime minister is assassinated, Hana is accused of being the mastermind behind the plot. Now David faces an agonizing choice: will he, a Jew, represent Hana, a Palestinian, who may be guilty? Will he risk all to delve into the conspiracy he thinks is behind the assassination?

Now, if this was all that the book was about, I would not be proposing a book club! Through all the characters, Patterson does an amazing job of telling the history of both Israel and Palestine. He shows the complex web of problems that must be solved to achieve peace. It is a very balanced perspective that does not tilt toward one side or the other. We could have some very interesting and enlightening discussions about the book.

We are thinking about meeting three Sunday late afternoons or early evenings at our house in May or June: one todiscuss the Israeli views, one to discuss the Palestinian views, and the last to talk about how those views are shaping current events. If you are interested in joining us, please talk to Gail or me.



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