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God’s Adoption

Dear Friends,

It has been one month now that I have been with you and I feel very much at home. I am enjoying getting to know you as individuals and getting to know the unique character of this community of faith. What has struck me in the one on one conversations is how many people have adopted children and how many others have turned to Church of Our Saviour as an alternative extended family, or who have themselves felt the joy of being claimed as family by those who have been given to them by God.

It seems to me that this common experience of creating family anew, and being adopted one way or another, is a powerful window into what the church is. Each of us has been adopted into the family of the church. In our baptism we have asked the community to support us in our life in Christ and they have promised that they will. When we baptize a child, I tell parents that they are putting their child out for adoption, to which I usually get a puzzled look.

Adopting a child is also a powerful window into God’s relationship with us. When you adopt you have to start years in advance. You have to be committed to go the long haul. It is expensive. You have to be willing to take a risk, as you don’t know how things will turn out. You do know that you are somewhat incomplete – that you have more love to give and to share with another and this is what enables you to keep at it.

In the church we often use language about God as our Father or Mother. What happens to that image if we think of God as our adoptive parent, going to incredible lengths to bring a child up in a circle of love—God as the one who made herself so very vulnerable letting us into Her heart? God as the one who wasn’t complete without us to love and be loved by? Isn’t that descriptive of God’s relationship to us? We are grafted onto God’s body.

The love you share here at COS is a precious thing. I look forward to walking with you into this year of transition, deepening that sense of God’s love, reaching to find us and bring us home. Thanks be to God for claiming as His own forever!




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