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COS Reads: My Sister, Alicia May

From the Boston Globe comes news of a special book by a local author that will be of particular interest to families with young children. My Sister, Alicia May, by Nancy Tupper Ling, is the story of two young girls, one of whom has Down syndrome. Nancy Tupper Ling wrote this not just about these two real sisters, but about anyone who has a sibling or a friend. Although written for children ages 4-8, Ling does not over-simplify. As Beverly Beckham says, “It is the story of what it’s like to love someone. Sometimes the people you love most irritate you the most. Sometimes you want to pretend you don’t know them. Sometimes you don’t want them tagging along. Sometimes you’re so proud of them you want to tell the world.”

This wonderfully illustrated book is a conversation starter. Like any good conversation it is about questions, not answers. It is a way to open up your child’s questions about people who are different from them. It is a continuation of what we began recently in Sunday School. Mary Knab, our resident professor of physical therapy, generously came along and answered questions on physical disabilities. What’s it like to walk with crutches? Why do some people walk differently or talk like that? If your leg breaks and it can get better, how come your spinal cord can’t?

For children to include others they need not to be afraid. Talk with them. Answer their questions. Start with a good story. As you know, you’ll probably learn a lot yourself!

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