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Knit One, Pray Too: Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting

As a rule I approach efforts to mix knitting and religious matters with caution. Having explained once too often, in a past life, that pastoral studies had nothing to do with farm animals, I feel clear boundaries are best in matters of yarn and spirituality. While the world of yarn is certainly home to as many variations on a tradition as the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church, there is still that rather nasty business between the knitters and those who crochet. Best leave interdisciplinary work to those equipped with full body armor or at least a stiff white collar.
But then I saw the pretty pictures in this book and realized that the author was none other than the Lorna of Lorna’s Laces exquisite hand-dyed yarn that is so delicious and one thing led to another.

Author Lorna Miser has produced a lovely book, Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting consisting of stories of the people who have touched her life because she had knitting in her hands. Each story is a self-contained meditation on someone who has nourished her faith, hope, and love. Lorna believes each person has crossed her path for a reason and as she reflects on the meaning of each encounter, a knitting project is inevitably involved. Accompanying each story is a pattern for something she was either knitting at the time, or inspired to knit later. The twenty projects are beautifully photographed and the aesthetics of the book are worthy of the author who has contributed so much beauty through her exquisite hand-painted yarns. The stories of her encounters will inspire you and get you to thinking about people who have touched your life while you knit. Worth breaking the usual boundaries between church and yarn, just this once!

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