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For All of Us

The services of the Easter Triduum were beautiful this year as the community gathered for quiet prayer, thoughtful contemplation, and joyful celebration. Beginning on the evening of Holy Thursday, our seminarian, Joyce Scheyer, preached, we washed one another’s feet and we remembered the first Eucharist. Good Friday was the moment to not look away from suffering—to stay and bear witness. The Vigil of Easter on Saturday evening took us from darkness to light. We began as always in the garden, where the new fire was lit. To the muffled drum we processed into the sanctuary, following the light. Enveloped by candlelight and incense we shared the drama as Mary Denton and Rob Hart beautifully sang the Exultet, reminding us that “This is the night…” We listened, we sang, we prayed, and the drumbeat led us deeper in, then out and up. As the light grew and the resurrection continued, Lily reminded us that Life makes noise that we feel as much as hear. From the first noise that we feel—the beat of our mother’s heart—to the sound of a stone rolled away—we know we are never alone. The noise we hear on Easter is the sound of God’s faithfulness and love, patience and promise. It is the sound of the resurrection—the heartbeat of God. Amidst dancing branches and fresh spring flowers, Easter morning brought a festive celebration (with trumpet and trombone), of a resurrection that is for all of us. We all begin now a new life, a transformation. The celebration continued in the hall over an especially delicious coffee hour spread. Life (aka noise), was in full evidence as Kate Schell presided over the high-energy Easter Egg Hunt and deals were made regarding the consumption of chocolate and other high-sugar items.

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