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Knit One, Pray Too

Well, I don’t know what to make of this. I’ve been hit with an attack of finishitis. Yes, you’ve read correctly—finishitis, not startitis. This has never happened to me before. Suddenly, about three weeks ago, I was seized by a desire to finish numerous projects that were languishing in various stages of nearly done. I’m not sure what prompted it. It really was not the beloved’s latest foray for yet another basket to contain the spread and reclaim a spot for her coffee cup on the side table. That actually came after I started hauling incomplete things out to see what had to be done. No, it was some strange inner impulse to finish the unfinished. Actually made me worry if it was a signal of peril to come!

Green SweaterMy sister’s green cotton sleeveless sweater—gorgeous spring yarn—last spring! It had been sitting since Thanksgiving when my mother sewed up the side seams. All it needed was for me to pick up and knit the neck and armhole bands. I had never done that before so I was stalling. One night, bam! Picked up those stitches, purled a row and cast that puppy off. Next day blocked it. Done! Finished! The baby surprise jacket that same mother had closed the shoulder and sewn buttons on was nearly done. It needed a little collar. Picked up those stitches, blasted through a few rows of garter, cast off. Bam! Done! Finished. (Need a baby for it but that’s not something I can finish.)Yellow SweaterHat

The first lace effort, a scarf in the gorgeous hand-painted mohair and silk from Blue Hill—most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought? It had about four inches to go. Bam! A few episodes of Glenn Close and the Cheers bartender being evil-doers on “On Demand” TV and it was done. Finished. Don’t know who it’s for but it’s done! Soft, variegated, grey, silky soy on its way to becoming a honeycomb scarf? Its journey has ended! And of course, the sweater. Gorgeous blue-violet merino. Easy stitch that was quite interesting for the first 1000 or so rows. Almost done but needed several more inches on the sleeves, which were being knit together on one needle. A snowstorm, a school cancellation, and bam! Cast off those sleeves. Collar on the way. Nearly done. Will it fit? We’ll see. It’ll be done! It’ll fit somebody.

Why? What has prompted this fit of finishing? Could it be that are a few other things that I would like to be done with and cannot be? Things that are not yet finished and will go on for awhile—much longer that I had asked for or imagined? They are moving at their own speed and I cannot rush them or even speed them up very much. They are going to take the time they take. If only I could cast them off. So I suppose it is quite satisfying to finish what I can, be done with some things I could control and have beautiful, useful woolies to show for it. A consolation. A sign. Maybe it only feels like forever and if I just keep at it, eventually, I can cast off and move on.

— Pearl Tinker

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